Linton SpeedWatch


The Speedwatch scheme is now up and running in Linton, and has been since 2009. And, it works!

The equipment, mainly consisting of the interactive speed sign visible in the background of the photograph below, cost over £2,000 and has been bought by the Parish Council with the assistance of a grant from Maidstone Borough Council.

We have a Speedwatch co-ordinator who liaises with the police and has arranged training for about 15 volunteers. They are divided into teams of four, each of which take part in one session a month.



 A speedwatch sesssion



The more people that take part, the more sessions can be arranged and the more impact it has on traffic speeds in Linton. If you want to take part, contact the Speedwatch Co-ordinator

The sessions are surprisingly enjoyable and take up very little time. The effect on traffic speeds is dramatic and the more we do it, the more permanent the effects will be. So join the Speedwatch club!