Meet your Parish Councillors!

Meet your Parish Councillors!

Below are photographs of your Parish Councillors. They are all volunteers and are not paid for the jobs they do for the Parish of Linton. You can email them by clicking on their names..

I have also added pictures of our Borough Councillors for Maidstone and our Kent County Councillor


Chairman of the Parish Council:

Bernard Cresswell: Bernard is a retired Detective Inspector from the Metropolitan Police. Other engagments include Company Director and Company Secretary for a property management company, Document Field Agent servicing the legal profession and support services. Group Scout Leader in London Borough of Bexley. Main Hobby is that of a motorcycling Road Captain for the Harley-Davidson Owners Group. He took over as Chairman in May 2018. His phone number is 01622 532516

Cllr Bernard Cresswell

Vice Chairman:

Julie Urquhart: Julie is an environmental social scientist with a PhD in the social dimensions of forestry. She works as a Senior Research Fellow at the Countryside and Community Research Institute at the University of Gloucestershire, where she undertakes social science research on rural issues, particularly agriculture, forestry and fisheries. She has lived in Linton since March 2017, but in Kent (Medway & Sevenoaks) for most of her life. She lives on Redwall Lane and is the Redwall Lane residents’ representative on the Wares Farm Development Committee. Julie was co-opted onto the Parish Council in September 2018.

Cllr Julie Urquhart


Pat Burden: Pat lives in Wheeler’s Lane. She is a Trustee and Secretary of Linton Village Hall, as well as Linton’s Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator. She is also a Trustee of the Linton Park Almshouses

Pat Burden

 Darren CarpenterDarren lived in the village for a number of years, and runs a funeral parlour.

Cllr Darren Carpenter

James Smith:  James lives in Loddington. He is a farmer who, with his family, has farmed in Linton and the surrounding area for several generations.  He also supports many small local business in units on his land,  everything from a local Brewery to Florists.  James is also a former Chairman of the Kent National Farmers Union.

Cllr James Smith


Our Borough Councillors are:

Lottie Louise Parfitt-Webb:

Lottie Louise Parfitt-Webb (Conservative)

Richard Webb


Richard Webb (Liberal Democrat)


 Emily Fermor

Emily Fermor (Liberal Democrat)


Our County Councillor is:


Paulina Stockell

Paulina Stockell
Paulina Stockell


Our Parish Clerk is

Sherrie Babington

Sherrie Babington
4 Birkhall Close
Kent ME5 7QD
Tel: 01634 863719