Parish Council Donations

One of the new features of our revamped website is the Message Centre. It enables any resident of linton – or any other interested reader – to make comments, suggestions, announcements on any subject, or to respond to any other message.

One of the current postings is about the Linton Parish Council charitable donations budget. You can read about it here. To respond, simply click on "read this thread" and then on "click here" at the bottom.

Don't be shy – make your views known! The Message Centre has a lot of potential to improve communication within the parish, provided we make use of it…

After submission, messages are reviewed before appearing on the site. I will try to do this daily, but there will inevitably be the occasional delay, so be patient. There are not many rules:

– no personal abuse or rude words: keep it polite

– some relevance to Linton and its residents

– advertising, if relevant, is fine but you may find it more productive to email the webmaster direct with such material so that it can be placed onto the site properly, eg as a news item, diary date or in the "Businesses in Linton" section, as appropriate…