Neighbourhood Forums

Once upon a time, KCC used to have Local Boards. There was a Maidstone Local Board, chaired by Cllr Stockell, and it has helped Linton significantly over the years, especially with improvements to the village Hall. However times change and things move on, and now we have Neighbourhood Forums. The biggest difference is that the Forum involves all three levels of local government: parishes, the borough council, and the county council too.

The Forum that covers Linton is the Maidstone Rural West and South Forum, and it meets approximately quarterly. If you click on the link, it will tell you more about it, and you can look at the minutes of the last meeting and see when and where the next meeting is. Linton Parish Council supports the Neighbourhood Forum concept, and we will make sure that future meetings are included in the diary section of this website.

Local democracy is worth as much as you want it to be, and it is as useful as you help to make it. Why not come along to a meeting, and see for yourself?

What is more, they would like to hear from residents about issues they may have that affect their local community. Issues raised can then be discussed at the Neighbourhood Forum.  They will arrange for the right people to attend the meeting (depending on the issue to be discussed) and find ways to help resolve the issue.

Please email your issue or telephone Janet Barnes (Maidstone Borough Council) on 01622 602242 or Steve Charman (Kent County Council) on 01622 694008. It would help us on the Linton Parish Council if you let us know too.. contact the clerk, see details on the right hand side of every page.