Linton Elections 2020

Many Linton residents are interested in our village, its community, its events, its facilities, like the church and village hall, and its beautiful surroundings, views and scenery. That is absolutely as it should be, and we all agree that despite recent disfigurements, Linton is still a lovely place. Of course nowhere is perfect, and we get our fair share of complaints about traffic, development, litter, and lots of other issues.

But fear not, because there is a lot you can do. Nearly everything that happens in our community happens because of volunteers who give up a little of their time for the good of the village. Examples include:

  • The Parish Councillors
  • PC appointees such as the Allotments manager, the Webmaster, Footpath Warden etc
  • The Almshouses trustees
  • The Village Hall trustees
  • The Parochial Church Council and church officers
  • Friends of Linton Church trustees
  • Yuletiders organisers
  • Speedwatch Co-ordinator and volunteers
  • Parish News editor, printer and contributors
  • Linton Cream Teas organisers and helpers
  • Grand Linton Litterpick organiser and volunteers
  • Linton Walkers organiser and walk leaders

.. and I am sure there are more. Information about all of these bodies can be found somewhere on this website. Pick one, and get in touch!

On May 7th 2020, a number of local elections will take place for Linton Parish Council, Maidstone Borough Council as well as KCC and the Kent Police Commissioner. Please be sure to exercise your democratic right to vote!

Also, please will you consider standing for election as a Linton Parish Councillor? Linton needs your help if it is to function properly and work to improve our community. The work need not be time consuming and is open to any Linton resident over 18. If you are interested, please contact Bernard Cresswell or Jerry Whitmarsh for more information. More details will be published here closer to the election date, including the full official timetable when it becomes available. Look out for that, because the final date for applying will most likely be a date in March.

This page of the website gives more information about what the Parish Council does, as well as about who can be a Parish Councillor.