Linton Allotments Working Party ..

Linton Allotments Housekeeping ..

The annual bonfire ..


 The Linton Allotments have been a model of their kind in recent years, neat, productive and well presented. Every Autumn, they hold a working party to tidy up the boundaries, cutting back overhanging branches, brambles, ivy and nettles. Tools are brought on site and piles of cuttings mount up, to be fed to our annual bonfire, which is held on the nearest Saturday to Guy Fawkes Day. Add to this spent runner beans and other vegetable plants which have finished producing crops and been dried out, prunings from fruit bushes and the inevitable broken stakes. This year a good 14 volunteers turned up. The sun shone and we enjoyed a break to re-charge our energy with soup and an array of snacks. It was an enjoyable and friendly occasion, and the results were outstanding! It really was the best day we’ve had, with our amazing Romanian plot holders bringing along their parents to help, carting away mounds of hedge clippings, ivy and brambles to put on the bonfire; Adrian’s mother-in-law produced some delicious mini apple strudels…

Can’t be working all the time ..