Keeping Linton Looking Lovely: Latest Linton Litterpick a success!

Burgers, salad and drinks were provided ..

Linton’s second Grand Litterpick took place on Saturday 2nd September, and all who took part voted it a great success. 16 volunteers cleared litter from Linton crossroads, A229 Linton Hill all the way down to Redwall Lane, and all of the roads and lanes to the East of the A229 including Loddington Lane, Butt Green Lane, Stilebridge Lane and Church Hill, as well as Heath Road itself and various footpaths including the Greensand Way. More than 30 large green sacks were filled during the morning.

After all that hard work, the beefburgers kindly provided by the Rapid Relief Team catering tent were greatly appreciated. The Rapid Relief Team is a worldwide initiative funded and run by the Plymouth Brethren, who operate the Linton Park School campus and the adjoining Gospel Hall. Click on the links provided for more details. Jerry Whitmarsh, Linton PC Chairman, said “I can confirm that their beefburgers are excellent! They also provided a number of volunteer litterpickers, and we are very grateful to them for helping us to keep our village looking so lovely.”

We were also treated to a tour of the Musket Brewery, which is located on Loddington Farm. Founder Tony Williams had a lot to cope with over this weekend – his brewing schedule was seriously affected by a major water leak in Coxheath, he had a wedding to supply, and it was the East Malling Beer Festival as well! But he still found the time to show the volunteers around the brewery, talk us through the beer brewing process, and provide us with numerous samples of his excellent beer. Thank you Tony! Musket Brewery is an excellent, growing, local Linton business.

Jerry said “I want to thank the Plymouth Brethren and the Musket Brewery for supporting our efforts and making the day such an enjoyable one, for all who took part. I also want to thank James Smith, for letting us use Loddington Farm as a base for the morning and for providing a minibus to drop off the collectors. Last but not least, I want to thank all the volunteers who devoted their Saturday morning to helping clean up our beautiful village. It is not only a worthwhile activity but it was enjoyable too.”

Some of the fermentation vessels at Musket Brewery


Rapid Relief Team caterers – a welcome sight!