Grand Linton Litterpick the best so far ..

Some of the litterpickers enjoying a drink, courtesy of the Parish Council, in The Armoury bar of the Musket Brewery

As many as 21 Volunteers took part in the latest Linton Litterpick, starting at Loddington Farm on Saturday 2nd March. The Rapid Response team operated by Linton Park School cooked up bacon rolls for the volunteers before the litterpick started, and the Armoury, the Musket Brewery Tap, were open to welcome them back afterwards.

Linton Parish Council Chairman Bernard Cresswell and Cllr Julie Urquhart say:

“We had 21 volunteers (a record turn out!) on Saturday 2nd march who filled 38 bags of rubbish, together with car parts from crashed vehicles that were too bulky for the bags – plus 10 bags from the day before! There was also a large bag of sawdust, a box of spent shotgun cartridges and various wheel caps and numerous damaged vehicle body parts etc as a result of vehicles crashing on Linton Hill over the past few months! Sadly, vehicle debris are an ongoing part of the litterpicker’s lot and can take up much of the rubbish bag … along with the usual drink and food beverage containers that are slung out moving vehicles or simply whilst waiting in the rush-hour traffic queues that snake up through the village. Which says a lot about the standard of some drivers and how thoughtless the vehicle occupants can be ….
Much of the rubbish comes from vehicles … presume their ashtrays, cup holders and glove compartments are full already as well as their own home rubbish bins … how would they like it if we threw our rubbish into their street and left crashed vehicle parts outside their homes too just for good measure … not the garden features Kent in Bloom had in mind, I’m sure!

The litter pick volunteers do a terrific job and are supported by some generous people with refreshments from Linton Park School who provided bacon rolls and coffee at the start in Loddington Farm, as well as 5 volunteer litterpickers. And we finished off the morning with refreshments in the Musket Brewery Tap afterwards, which is a growing local business success story. Everyone said how much they enjoyed it and how satisfying it was to remove so much rubbish from our lanes and roads. And, even before the event started the litter pick bug took hold with volunteers from Linton Park, Camellia plc who went out the day before on Friday afternoon, and collected 10 bags of litter.
So well done to Cllr Julie Urquhart for taking the time to arrange this worthwhile and much needed event, and also to James Smith for providing the start venue and drop-off transport. Watch this space, and please do join us for the next litterpick, likely to take place in early June.
And just to end on a positive note, we are also pleased to announce that we are very soon to have installed along Linton Hill in the lay-bys some rubbish bins sponsored by Berry Gardens Ltd and Linton Park plc … so local businesses are doing their bit … let us hope drivers will too.”

.. and on to the next one! The next Litterpick will take place on Saturday, 1 June, starting at 10am prompt from the church car park on Linton Hill. Come if you can!

The Rapid Relief Team at Loddington Farm ..