Crossing the A229

For a long time now, Linton Parish Council has been engaged in discussions with Linton residents, with KCC Highways and DHA Planning over how to improve safety when crossing the A229 between the church, and church car park on one side of the road, and the village hall and Bull Inn on the other side.

There is a widely held view that crossing the road at that point is dangerous. However KCC Highways have not been keen to take action, as they say the accident record does not support it. A further difficulty is that the site does not meet Department of Transport guidelines for a light controlled pedestrian crossing as the sightlines are inadequate. The nearest spot that does meet the requirement is up by the vehicle entrance to the church car park, which would not be used by pedestrians intending to go to the hall or pub. Also, any form of controlled crossing would lead to a large increase in signage and similar “street furniture” which would not be desirable in a historic village centre and conservation area. The road is also not wide enough for a central island.

After much discussion DHA have produced a proposal for improvements, as follows:

  • install village gateways (similar to those at Boughton Monchelsea) above and below the village centre, to further encourage traffic to keep to the 30mph limit
  • install “pedestrians crossing” signs above and below the village centre
  • move the southbound bus stop from its current position in front of the church to a new position above the almshouses. Extend the existing footpath up to it from the top of the almshouses
  • install a dropped kerb at the top of the almshouses to encourage pedestrians to cross there
  • fill in the bank where the existing southbound bus stop is and grass over, to improve the green

A graphical representation of these improvements is shown below and if that is a bit small for you, you can download it here as a .pdf.

In addition, these proposals will be exhibited in Linton Village Hall before the November Linton Parish Council meeting, for residents to see. Representatives from DHA will be on hand to answer questions. The exhibition will be open from 6pm until the meeting begins at 7.30pm

Please come along. I hope that you will support the proposals, which represent the culmination of much discussion, negotiation and hard work.

If you aren’t able to attend, feel free to comment below..

Jerry Whitmarsh                     Chairman, Linton PC




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