Businesses in Linton


Although Linton is a small village, it has a surprising number of businesses within its boundaries. Some of them are listed below…

This list is provided as a service to residents and others interested in Linton. No recommendation, express or implied, is given in relation to any individual business.

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If the business has a website of its own, clicking on the link in their entry will take you there. The businesses are listed in alphabetical order… click on a name below, to go straight there:

Alan Firmin Ltd.. Baby and Toddler Swimmimg Lessons.. Boudoir Babe..  The Bull Inn..  Buttercups Goats..  Dancing With Catherine.. KHR Recruitment Specialists.. Linton Chocolates..  LintonPrint..  Mike Brooker..  Westerhill Physiotherapy..  Westerhill Holiday Cottage..



Alan Firmin Ltd

Alan Firmin Ltd is probably Linton’s largest employer, and largest landowner. It has varied interests in transport, farming, property and warehousing. Also property lettings. They own and rent out some lovely cottages and houses in the Linton area and elsewhere..


Alan Firmin Lorry


Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons

Baby and Toddler Swim. Introducing babies to buoyancy will encourage them to become comfortable and confident in water.

In our caring and supportive environment a baby enjoys freedom of movement, relaxation and bonding.

Junior Swim provides fun, safe swimming lessons for primary school aged children and all abilities.

Our lessons encourage children to develop new skills and essential water safety when learning to swim.


 Boudoir Babe

Linton-based online gift shop Boudoir Babe welcomes Linton residents

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone special. You’ll find it at Boudoir Babe… they have loads and loads of gift ideas

10% discount and free delivery for local residents – Just enter ‘Linton’ in the promotion code box at checkout!
N.B: Delivery charge will be refunded after payment.



Bull Inn

The Bull Inn is Linton’s only licenced premises. It is centrally placed, on Linton Hill opposite Linton Church. It is part of the historic centre of Linton, along with the church, the village hall and the almshouses..

The Bull Linton



Buttercups Goats

Buttercups Goats Sanctuary is Britain’s largest charity catering for rescued goats. They are based at Wierton Place, in Boughton Monchelsea. So it isn’t strictly Linton based, but it almost is – and it is a very, very worthy cause and also an interesting place to visit, they are open almost every day. The Linton Walkers have sponsored several goats, and are currently Guardians to one (Reggie, not to be confused with his brother Ronnie).

Reggie the goat..





Cherubs Pre-school is a highly successful nursery school that meets in the Linton Village Hall every morning and afternoon during term times, from 9am – 3pm. It has now expanded, and has a school in Sutton Valence as well…




Dancing With Catherine is a thriving business which offers ballroom and latin dance classes in a number of local locations, including Linton Village Hall.

They offer both group lessons and private tuition. More details can be found on their website.


KHR Recruitment Specialists

.. is a Kent success story,  a local Recruitment Agency just waiting to find you the perfect job. they have offices in Leybourne, and in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, and are now also at:

6 Hill Farm Business Estate, Linton, Maidstone ME17 4AL      –    telephone: 01622 822808

Their website is here, they are popular on Linkedin, and they have a Facebook Page as well – get in touch with them, unless your present job is already perfect in every way..



Linton Chocolates

Our handmade chocolates use high quality ingredients. We offer a large range of fillings in milk, white and dark chocolate. We use local ingredients whenever possible, including Kentish Cobnuts and Kent whipping cream in all of our ganaches. Especially popular are our roasted caramelised Kentish cobnuts which we dip in chocolate.

Contact Debbie Carter on: 01622 741186





LintonPrint is a not-for-profit printing business based in Linton and run by Jerry Whitmarsh.

Amongst other things, it prints the Linton Parish News distributed each month to all Linton residents. Jerry can design and print invitations, orders of service for weddings, funerals christenings, or for any other occasion. Business portfolios, plans or propositions, brochures, leaflets, menus, wine lists, headed notepaper, business cards, visiting cards, or any other printing job that you can think up. Printing goes up to A3 size, or A4 folded, and banners can also be printed. Colour, black & white, or semi-colour. Book publishing too!

If you would like something printed, or just want to see what’s possible, get in touch – email him here.. (preferred) or phone him on 01622 747572





MJ Brooker

Mike Brooker is a plumber and electrician based in Vanity Lane. In addition to plumbing and electrical work he will undertake decorating and general repair and maintenance work. Many examples of his handiwork can be found around Linton, including inside the Linton Village Hall.

His contact details are as follows:

phone: 01622 746067

mobile: 07721328539

email him here..


Westerhill Physiotherapy

Westerhill Physiotherapy provides a high quality physiotherapy service in the Maidstone area, treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries.




Westerhill Farm Holiday Lets

Westerhill farm is set into the Greensand ridge, south of Maidstone, with one of the most outstanding views in the South East and Kent   (‘the Garden of England’) and many film crews have used the location over the years. Not only are the views renowned but it is one of the most favoured locations, along with other neighbouring farms, for fruit growing in the whole of the UK. The farm grows many fruit crops including apples, pears, plums and cherries.