About This Website..

Jerry Whitmarsh, webmaster ..

This Website is operated by Linton Parish Council for the benefit of Linton residents, and for all others with an interest in our small but beautiful village. The webmaster is currently the former Parish Council Chairman, Cllr Jerry Whitmarsh.

All community activities in Linton, including the Parish Council, this website, many Church activities, the Village Hall, the Almshouses, the Allotment Gardens, the Friends of Linton Church, Linton Walks, the Speedwatch initiative, monitoring footpaths and trees, the Neighbourhood Watch, and so forth.. are all carried on by volunteer, unpaid labour.

Are you able to help us? We are always on the lookout for Linton residents who want to contribute something to their local community. There are lots of opportunities that will take as much or as little time as you wish – please contact Jerry Whitmarsh or any Parish Councillor.