9 January 2006 – PC Minutes


held in the Linton Village Hall on Monday 9th January 2006 commencing at 7.30pm


Cllr.C.Baxter [Chairman]. Cllrs. Mrs.J.Sawyer,  I.Firmin. G.Harrison and
Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator   Mr.S.Elson

M.D.Stevens   Parish Clerk

There were 3 members of the public in attendance.


Apologies were received from Cllr.Mrs Price Cllr.J.Bridle and Mr.D.Sawyer

2.    MINUTES of the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on 14th. November 2005

The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 14th November 2005
(Previously circulated), were APPROVED and signed by the Chairman.

The Chairman introduced PC Shaw and asked him to give his report.
PC Shaw indicated that since the last meeting of the Parish Council there
had been 3 reported incidents. 1 theft, 1 stolen Motor Cycle and I attempted
burglary. He reminded the meeting however of the need for constant vigilance
particularly in relation to the theft of vehicles from farms.

The Chairman thanked PC Shaw for his helpful contribution and introduced the
Neighbourhood Watch Co-Coordinator Mr.S.Elson and asked him to present his
Report. PC Shaw left the meeting for other duties

Mr Elson presented his report (Attached) and answered a number of
questions.  Cllr Harrison congratulated Mr.Elson an the way he had set up the
Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in Linton and on the effective way it was
working. The meeting generally indicated that it wished to be associated with
remarks expressed by Cllr.Harrison and wished Mr.Elson continued success

Highway Matters

Barnes Lane
Following the last meeting the Clerk had contacted the Highways Manager
on Barnes Lane and his answer had been circulated to Members. It was reported
that the areas of concern had been ‘marked’

Previous Correspondence re 12th August Memo and negative correspondence
The Clerk reminded Members of the background to this outstanding item
and sought comments and guidance from the Members. It was agreed to take
no further action but to monitor the situation over a period.

New Notice Board    Village Hall
The Clerk reported that this had now been ordered. Details had been circulated
to Members. The action taken by the Clerk was approved.

Car Park Security
The Clerk reported that he had written to the MBC on this matter following the
last meeting raising, yet again, the matter of the Securing of the Barrier and the
CCTV System. Although his letter had not been formally acknowledged he
received a telephone call just before Christmas from the Car Park Services
Manager indicating that he had spoken to Landscape Services about leaving
the barrier open and insecure (as they had been identified as the culprits) and
that as far as he was aware they were dealing with it. The matter of the Car Park
CCTV Security System had been passed onto the MBC Officers Roberts and
Stewart for comment and action. Since then NOTHING has been heard nor,
as far as can be established has anything been done on either matter. He
proposed to follow up both issues and would report  back to the PC.

There were no other matters arising from the Minutes. The Clerk reported
however that he was keeping a “watching brief” on a number of general issues
on which he would report as and when.

Cllr. Mrs Sawyer,Cllrs. I.Firmin and J.Whitmarsh declared that they had an
Ongoing interest in the Allotment Gardens in Wheelers Lane and that they
Had been granted the necessary dispensation.

The Chairman formally adjourned the meeting to hear comments from
the public.

Attention was drawn to the condition of the garages at the top of
Cornwallis Avenue. There was some evidence of rubbish being dumped
in the garages and some of the garage doors had been damaged. The whole
area was becoming a hazard particularly for children.
The Clerk stated that the garages belonged to the Maidstone Housing Trust
who had indicated that the area was under review. He would however
make contact with them to see if he could get the area cleared.

Attention was also drawn to the overgrowth of bushes etc in the Playground.
It was agreed to arrange for these to be ‘cut back’. Clerk to liaise with Cllr.
Firmin and to get the work done.

Concern was again expressed about HGV’s using Wheelers Lane, possibly to access Toke  Farm. The Clerk advised the meeting that the matter had been reported to the MBC Enforcement Officers in June 2005 who were looking into the matter. Should there be any further evidence which could be useful it should be passed onto him and he would inform MBC. Mrs Holman agreed to monitor the situation and collect evidence.
There being no further comments from the public the Chairman resumed
the Parish Council Meeting
6.      FINANCE

General Financial Position

Balance Carried Forward                                              £9828.23
08.12.05    Allotment Rents                                                       54.00
09.01.06             ”           ”                                                                8.00

Payments made:
29.12.05    S.Elson (Neighbourhood Watch)            18.80
CRAIGDENE (re Playground)                    88.13
M.D.Stevens  (Clerks Salary +
Room Allowance)     833.21
M.D.Stevens  (Expenses)                          50.10
KCC Grounds Maintenance                     168.73
09.01.06    MBC Playground Lease                             25.00
KPS Photocopying                                    18.25
Balance Carried Forward                                                                                            £8683.02
Budget 2006/2007

The Clerk drew attention to the Budget Papers he had circulated as a basis for discussion and reminded the PC that a decision was required on the level of the
Precept by the end of January. There then followed a general discussion on the budget and the raising of funds for the Parish Council. It was finally agreed that a modest increase in the Precept was acceptable providing it was directed towards a particular issue.

The potential cost of participating in ‘Speedwatch’ was raised, it was however understood that TRAMP were going to purchase the equipment and make the necessary arrangements. Nothing further had been heard.

It was agreed that the Budget Panel should meet ay 10am at Wares Farm Tuesday 24th January 2006 to finalise and agree a Budget and the level of precept required.
(Panel: Cllrs Baxter, Firmin and Whitmarsh). Other Members would be circulated with the decision following the meeting and subject to there being no objections the decision of the Budget Panel would be accepted. Chairman would authorise.

Clean Up Linton

Cllr Firmin advised that he had now received quotes for the clearance of the Car Park Bank and was authorised to arrange to have the work undertaken. He was also asked to liaise with the Clerk to have the work undertaken on the Playground.
There was a budget of £880 available for this work. There was some concern expressed about how the ongoing cost of maintaining this Bank was to be met. This to be discussed at the Budget Meeting.

Concurrent Functions Additional Resources Bid 2006/2006

The documents on this had been circulated to every member before the meeting. After some discussion it was agreed that the following bids for additional resources should be made:
a) Conservation           £750 to enable native trees to be planted along the Greensands Way and to replace native trees that had died. Project to be in co-operation with local Landowner and managed by the Parish Tree Warden.

b)  Community Safety      £2000  to enable the purchase of a new Notice Board in Wheelers Lane which would incorporate Neighbourhood Watch and to improve signage in the Village.

c)   Clean and Tidy         £250 to allow for clearance of the Car Park Bank

Parish Council to contribute up to 25%

Clerk to make the necessary arrangements and to submit the bids.

The Clerk reported that he had accepted a quote from KCC Landscape Services of £363.41 for Gang Mowing in 2006 (16 cuts) and £35.77per occasion to mow around the field ditch and play equipment. This showed an increase on the previous year in line with inflation.

The  Clerk reported that he had received a letter of thanks from the  “Yuletiders” for the crackers purchased by the PC for their Christmas Gathering

24, Linton Hill, LINTON
Erection of Single Storey extension

This had now been APPROVED
The Forge, Wheelers Lane, LINTON
Certificate of Lawful Use etc.

This had now been REFUSED

Members were reminded of the discussion that had taken place on the above at the last Parish
Council Meeting. (see appendix) The Chairman advised the meeting that, to date, NO action had
been taken in respect of the decision taken at the meeting. …. there was therefore nothing further
to report.

The Chairman also advised the meeting that he had received a letter from Mr.D.Sawyer who had expressed his concern that the matter had been discussed at the PC Meeting given that matters relating to the Forge had still not been resolved. He reminded the meeting that the actual discussion was held during the public session when the PC Meeting had been adjourned and made the point that the ‘Notes’ about the discussion formed an appendix to the Minutes.

Former Linton Hospital Site, Heath Road, Coxheath

Nothing further to Report
Loddington Oast, Loddington Lane, LINTON
Conversion of existing Garage ec.

This Application has now been APPROVED

Little Heath, Heath Road, LINTON
New vehicular cross over + fence etc.

This Application has now been APPROVED
There is nothing further to report  re the two matters in the hands of
the MBC Enforcement Officers. (ie Weatherstones and Toke Farm)

As far as the Clerk is aware there are NO other outstanding Planning Applications.

The Clerk reported that he written to the MBC early in November concerning a
delay in the receipt of the Planning Application relating to the Medway Education
Trust (reported verbally at the last PC Meeting). To date there has been no

Local Development Framework

The Affordable Housing Development Plan document and the Open Space
Development Plan Document had been received together with a Sustainability
Appraisals Report which were available  from the Clerk on request.
Kent and Medway Structure Plan

Details of  Consultations on Further proposed Modifications had been received
and were available

Kent Minerals and Waste Development Framework

Details of the re-submission of the Statement of Community Involvement
To the Secretary of State had been received.

SE Regional Plan

There was nothing further to report



The Clerk reported that the Questionnaire for the Village on this matter was not
yet available; he had delayed the preparation of it until after Christmas. It would
be prepared shortly and circulated to members for comment.

Following the last meeting Cllr. Whitmarsh had examined the Charity
Commission Scheme and his response had been circulated to all Members.
There were no comments on this.

Cllr Whitmarsh reported that there had not been a meeting of the LVHMC since
the last meeting of the PC hence he had nothing to report.

The Clerk drew attention to the outside telephone box which had been
demolished by a car during the previous evening. There had also been damage to
the retaining wall and fence. He reminded the PC that the LVHMC held the
Insurance Policy on the Village Hall and that they should be putting in a claim for
The repair to the wall etc.He understood that the Police were involved and
Would have the details. Cllr Whitmarsh agreed to follow up

a) Allotment Gardens

Cllr Mrs Sawyer presented her report which is attached as an appendix.

The Chairman congratulated Cllr Sawyer on her success in letting  the Plots

b) Childrens Playground

The Chairman reported that the independent assessment of the Playground
had now been undertaken and the results circulated together with additional
correspondence and guidance from the MBC. He sought Members views on the
best way to proceed.

After some discussion it was agreed that the Chairman should contact the
Company who undertook the independent assessment to get a quotation for the
identified maintenance work that needed to be undertaken and if reasonable
to authorise the work.

The Chairman also agreed to meet local users ‘on site’ to discuss the
correspondence and guidance from the MBC and to take appropriate action.
It was noted that there was a ‘time frame’ in which any bids had to be made.

c) Parish Lengthsman

Cllr.Firmin reported on a number of matters which he had reported to Kent
Highways  and that he had now established a number of useful contacts whom he
Had found to be most helpful

The Chairman thanked Cllr Firmin for his efforts he had clearly been busy


Cllr Mrs Sawyer presented her report which is attached as an appendix

Parish News 313 had been circulated.

The Clerk reported that he had received routine Committee Agendas and
Minutes together with other administrative documents from the MBC which
were available on request. Relevant documents and copies of correspondence had
been circulated as appropriate. Attention was drawn to the following:-

MBC   Mayors Charity Quiz Night on 3rd February 2006
Freighter Service on Sunday 15th January 2006
Leaflet from MBC seeking local monitors  *Circulated
Kent Highways   Liaison Officer contact
Kent Police   Newsletters   *Circulated
Policing Plan Consultation
ACRC re Kent Village of the year.
Kenward Trust    Newsletter
Kent Playing Fields Assn.   Newsletter
Kent Fire and Rescue Service    Management Plan                )
Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust                             )
Maidstone Weald NHS Primary Care Trust                              ) Various documents
Kent and Medway Strategic Health Authority                        )
Department of Health  Configuration of Ambulance Trusts  )

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
“Standards of Conduct in English Local Government: The Future”
Anybody wishing to see any of the above documents was asked to contact the


a) New Notice Board    see earlier reference.
b) Car Park Security       ”        ”             ”
c)  Clean up Linton          ”       ”             ”
d)  Annual Parish Meeting
The Clerk advised the meeting that the ANNUAL PARISH MEETING would be
held in the Village Hall on TUESDAY 4th April 2006 and sought guidance as to
the format. On the assumption that the results of the Questionnaires on the
Village Hall Consultation would be available it was agree that the main item
should be on the future of the Village Hall. The rest of the agenda would follow
the well established normal pattern. (Reports etc)

It was drawn to the attention of the Meeting that the MBC Recycling Calendar had only been distributed to certain areas in the Village. Clerk agreed to follow up with MBC

Cllr Whitmarsh reminded the meeting that the Linton Parish Web Site was up and running and asked for information etc to be sent to him for inclusion. Cllr Sawyer asked if the web site address could be included on the PC Notepaper. Cllr Whitmarsh agreed to let the Clerk have a Template, suitably amended, to include the above

Parish Council Meeting Dates 2006/2007

Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2006/2007 were circulated and members          asked for their views. They  followed the same pattern as in previous years.
Assuming no major changes they would be published on the parish Web Site.

The next meeting of the Linton Parish Council would be held in the Linton            Village Hall on Monday 27th February 2006 commencing at 7.30pm.

There  being no further business the Chairman thanked all those present for their attendance and contributions to the meeting and formally closed  the meeting at 9.30pm
Allotment Report for Linton Parish Council Meeting 09.01.06
Four more Plots have been let since the last Parish Council Meeting;2 x half size (11a and 15a) and 2 full size (7 and 8). All rents have been paid to date. One has been taken by Mike Brooker. Two by residents of Coxheath and one by a resident of Marden which would imply that the advertisement card in post offices paid off.

There has been an enquiry today for the remaining full plot (No5) from a newly arrived resident of Vanity Lane. She has just moved from Sittingbourne where she had an allotment, is really missing it and can’t wait to get started!

We have been given some hinged pallets which will make admirable compost bays. Further clearance work on some of the boundaries is needed; brambles are starting to reappear and some hedging and overhanging trees will need cutting back.

Some household rubbish has been found on the bonfire site but the culprit has not been discovered. A letter will be sent to all plotholders asking them to be vigilant and reminding them of Condition 14 of the Tenancy Agreement.


Allotments Manager


Updated 09.01.06

I attended a special extra meeting on 7th December concerning the proposed reorganisation of Kent Police. Of the five options, Kent Strategic Force was favoured ie. Maidstone joining up with Swale. Merging with other counties was not recommended though it was recognised that smaller forces were unsustainable. There would have to be cuts in expenditure “behind the scenes”.

PCSO’s are building up relationships with local communities, working with school, supermarkets, health issues, helping develop parenting skills, particularly in families with poor housing and high risk problems. They have a one off grant of £10,000

Normal meeting business followed. MBC Planning Department continues to experience problems mainly complaints about timescales. If we have any concerns, inform Clive English.

There is to be a seminar for Parishes on “Material Considerations”. As before Parish Council representatives are urged to attend planning meetings if objecting to an Application. Conditions can be imposed instead of giving an outright refusal. MBC must give its reasons for its refusal
Cllr.Jane Sawyer