2018 Parish Annual Meeting

Linton’s 2018 Parish Meeting took place on Tuesday, 24 April. About 28 members of the public and the Parish Council were present. That is better than last year but still a bit disappointing, for a village with about 500 voters. Why not come along, next year, and bring a friend?!

Formal minutes of the meeting will be available here in due course. The links below will take you direct to the relevant reports:

The Parish Council Chairman’s report

The Village Hall Chairman’s report

The Allotment Manager’s report

Footpath Officer & Tree Warden Reports

The Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator’s report

The Speedwatch Co-ordinator’s report

In addition, there were presentations from The Maidstone Conservation Officer, and a very interesting talk and photographic display from the Linton Archivist, David Sendles