2016 Yuletiders Successful once again

Some of the helpers..
Some of the helpers..

No-one seems entirely certain just how long the annual Yuletiders Christmas Lunch event has been held for, but it is quite a few years now. Each year, Jane Sawyer and her dedicated band of helpers prepare and serve a Christmas meal to residents of Linton and regular Linton churchgoers who are over 65. The food is cooked in homes around Linton and brought in to the hall where it is enjoyed by the 70 or so guests.


… and some of the expectant guests!

Of course they say there is no such thing as a free lunch, but for the lucky guests this is as close as it gets. The event is kept going by generous donations from certain of the attendees, and by the efforts of the hard-working volunteers who organise it. Parish Council Chairman Jerry Whitmarsh said “This is one of the nicest traditions that we have in Linton. We are so lucky to be able to enjoy this event each year and the PC and all of the attendees are really grateful to the organisers Jane & Sue, and to all the helpers and funders, for making it possible. Long may it continue.”

If you are a resident of Linton and over 65, or you know someone who is and would like to be invited, please get in touch with Jane Sawyer or Sue Whitmarsh so you can be added to the invitation list for next year’s event.

Some more photos are below:

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