2016 Cream Teas Successful, Again!

Every year, the Friends of Linton Church organise and run the famous Strawberry Cream Teas weekend. And every year, this well loved event (writes the chief organiser!) attracts record numbers of visitors, and earns valuable income for the Friends of Linton Church. All of this money is spent on the Church, its contents and surroundings.

This year, 2016, the Strawberry Cream teas raised a grand total after expenses of £1,998,  altogether a wonderful result.

The organisers, Sue & Jerry Whitmarsh, expressed a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to this remarkable success. They have a lot of memories of people working very hard, but still enjoying themselves, and still cheerful at the end of the weekend! Not forgetting Linda Perch and Roger Bettle, who produced the 300+ delicious scones that were sold,  and Robert & Camilla Pascall of Clock House Farm, who very kindly once again donated all of the considerable quantity of strawberries used at the event – six trays, 60 punnets. Many others provided cakes and buns. Also an honourable mention for all the men who transported all of the tables and chairs that were used, across the A229 from the village hall, in and out of the church and the marquee, and then back again afterward.

The weather over the weekend was good. The marquee kindly provided by the Church was very well used, and was much appreciated. A number of visitors were heard to remark how beautiful the church looked. Lovely, to see it so busy and involved with the community.

 The bird table was hand made by Charles Judd from reclaimed wood and beautifully finished.

Some photos are below, together with photo galleries from previous years…


The plant stall, with Nick Drewe


Jo Withrington, Cath Bridle and Jean Avery, ready for the rush ..


Helena Beadle, and Alan


Charles Judd and his beautiful bird tables, crafted from reclaimed wood


The church marquee was a big hit!

Click on the photos below to see the photo galleries..

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2013 June – Linton Cream Teas
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