16 April 2007 – Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of a Meeting of the LINTON PARISH COUNCIL held at 7.30pm in the Linton Village Hall, Linton on Monday 16th April 2007




Cllr C Baxter (Chairman) Cllrs Mrs M.Price, Mrs J.Sawyer J.Bridle I.Firmin G.Harrison, and J.Whitmarsh (vice Chairman)


Borough Councillor A.Brindle


M.D.Stevens  Parish Clerk


There was 1 member of the public in attendance


The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting.




Apologies were received from Cty and Borough Councillor Mrs P.Stockell, Borough Councillors Cllr.J.Williams and B.Mortimer.


2a  MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 26th February 2007


The Clerk issued a revised pages 1 and 2 of the circulated minutes and drew attention to the incorrect date  in paras 2 and 3 of the circulated minutes.


With the above correction the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 26th February 2007 which had been previously circulated to all Member were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman


2b  MINUTES of the ANNUAL PARISH MEETING held on Tuesday 3rd April 2007


The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 were received.



3.   MATTERS  ARISING from the MINUTES of the Meeting held on 26th February 2007


a) Police Report

The Clerk reported  he had been advised that since the last meeting there had been two reported crimes in the Parish. Theft from a vehicle in Redwall Lane  when a car stero was stolen and arson to a Ford Fiesta and a Rover at Wares Farm in Redwall Lane.


b) Neighbourhood Watch

Cllr Whitmarsh reported that he was still seeking a co-ordinator for the scheme. He was preparing a document for publication on the Parish Notice Board identifying reported incidents etc over the last month.


It was agreed that the key for the Notice Board in Wheelers Lane, held by Mrs L Hollman should be recovered.


c) Car Park

The Clerk reported that the vandalism on the Car park had continued; rubbish was thrown everywhere and last week two saplings were cut down. This was reported to the Tree Warden and the Police were informed. One of the lights had been damaged which had been reported and was being repaired. The situation would continue to be monitored.


d) A229  Traffic Speeds

There was nothing further to report. As far as was known the APNR Unit had still not visited Linton

Attention was drawn to  the missing HGV sign at the top of Vanity Lane. Cllr Firmin agreed to follow up.


e) Telephone Box

It was reported that this was now operative.


*All other Matters Arising would be dealt with under relevant Agenda Items




The Clerk reported that Cllrs.Mrs Sawyer, I,Firmin and J,Whitmarsh had been granted dispensation in relation to their ongoing interest in the Allotment Gardens in Wheelers Lane.




Cllr Whitmarsh advised the meeting that  he had written to Cllr Ferrin to update him on the work that had /had not been completed  following the meeting at County Hall earlier in the year. A reply was awaited.


He reminded the Parish Council that it was nearly twelve months since a number of Traffic Management Issues were identified and raised with KCC Highways. In practice very little has happened over the last twelve months and he now felt that it was time these issues were raised again. This was agreed.


Serious concern was expressed about the half finished traffic calming measurers along Heath Road in Coxheath. They were creating a number of problems and in fact were dangerous. The Chairman circulated the DRAFT of a letter he was proposing to send to the Chairman of Coxheath PC. There follow a brief but informative discussion during which a number of additions /amendments to the letter were suggested. The letter was  finally approved. As well as Coxheath PC it was agreed that it should be sent to the Local Borough Councillors, Cllr Mrs Stiockell ,Cllr Ferrin,Peter Rosevear (KCC Highways ), Hunton PC and Boughton Monchelsea PC. Chairman agreed to make the necessary arrangements.


The Clerk reported that he had asked to the new Liaison Officer at Kent Highways …Ms Kate Harlock if she could arrange, as a matter of urgency, for the Gullies on the A229 to be emptied and the blocked drain just beyond Davis Cottages in Redwall Lane to be cleared. He had also requested a meeting with the local Highway Inspector to discuss the Double Yellow Lines at the corner of Wheelers Lane and at the top of Vanity Lane.A response was awaited.


The Clerk reported that Stile Bridge Lane had been repaired and was open.




Cllr Whitmarsh advised that Dr Coutts had arrange a Training Day with the Police.

for Saturday 28th. April 2007 in the Village Hall. The Linton Group would be joined by residents from Staplehurst More recruits were required and would be welcome to attend the Training Session.




The Chairman formally adjourned the Parish Council Meeting to hear comments from the public


Cllr Bridle advised the meeting that he was shortly due to have a meeting with Sgt Hayes of the Kent Police and would ensure that the Clerk received one of the new informative “Police Packs” which were about to be circulated. He also advised that the PCSO who would be based in Coxheath and who would be covering Linton amongst other Villages would be in post in May.


It was suggested that the MBC Car Park Services be approached  to see if it was possible to redesign the Car Park so that it could not be used as a ‘racing circuit. A sleeping policeman across the far end would be a simple solution. Clerk agreed to follow up.


There being no further comments from the public the Chairman resumed the Parish Council meeting






Opening Balance                                           £7130.11

23.03.07   Local Members Grant                         660.00

30.03.07   Repayment for printing etc                 175.00

10.04.07   Precept for 2007/2008                      5134.00





30.03.07  M.Brooker (St Lighting)       122.05

LVHMC ( Rent)                    80.00

M.D.Stevens (Office Supp)    30.13

St Nic.PCC (Street Lighting) 331.92

M.D.Stevens(Clerks Salary) 607.62

M.D.Stevens (Clerks Ex).      97.45

16.04.07   D.Skinner (Strimming Etc)   110.00




BALANCE CARRIED FORWARD                        £11722.94



BUDGET 2007/2008

The Clerk reported that he had not at this stage recirculated the Budget Papers as he was now in a position to complete the actual figures for 2006/2007. He would circulate the document in time for the May meeting



The Clerk reported that the Parish Council had been granted £4000 towards the cost of the replacement of the CCTV system on the Car Park and £2000 towards the cost of purchasing equipment for Speedwatch.The money would become available in two instalments wef 1st April 2007.

He had already written to MBC (CCTV) to ask them to ‘work up’  a suitable scheme. Given the current vandalism on the Car Park this was urgent. A reply was awaited.




The £660 towards the cost of a new Notice Board for the Village Hall had now been received.. The Board had been ordered and delivery was expected in July.



A number of requests had been made for donations which would be brought to the next Parish Council Meeting.



It was agreed to renew the Parish Councils’ membership of the KAPC 



Details of the Parish Council Insurance Policy were circulated to Councillors for information. The Annual Insurance became due in June. Councillors were asked to consider the documents as a decision would need to be taken re any additions/amendments etc at the May meeting of the PC. The Clerk was asked to investigate alternative Insurance Companies and to get quotes.







Tree Surgery and Felling

The White Lodge,

Loddington Lane,


Felling of a ash tree.   This application had now been APPROVED


Cllr. Firmin left the meeting at this point



Amendment or renewal of Conditions

Wares Farm.

Redwall Lane,


Variation of condition re positioning  and sting of caravans for workers.

This Application had been WITHDRAWN



Full Planning permission

Wares Farm

Redwall Lane,


Erection of two shower blocks laundry/drying room and computer room etc

This Application had been APPROVED



Full Planning Permission

Well Dishes Oast

RedwaLL Lane,


Erection of private garage

This Application, which the Parish Council wished to see APPROVED, had been WITHDRAWN and replaced by another one showing the garage in a different position. The new application had been circulated with the previous papers. The Parish Council again wished to see it APPROVED. MBC to be advised accordingly.




The Chairman advised the PC that he had been approached to hold a Site Meeting. Again stressing that as far as he was aware no plans had been drawn up (other than those previously circulated) and no Planning Application made. This request was in keeping with the advice given to others considering submitting Planning Applications to the MBC

There followed a brief discussion when a number of concerns were expressed it was,however, agreed to hold a Site Meeting. It was suggested that it should be an evening meeting (7.30) and NOT on a Wednesday. Chairman would deal.


The Chairman invited Cllr. Firmin to rejoin the meeting.



There was nothing further to report



The Chairman thanked the Cllr Mrs Sawyer and Mrs.Randall-Webb for producing the Linton Parish Response  in Draft Form, which had been circulated to Councillors for comment. As no comments were received it was submitted to the MBC as the Linton Parish Council response (A copy is attached to these minutes)


The Clerk confirmed that the response had been received by the Core Strategy Team and was in ‘on time’!! The results of the wide consultation were awaited ; it was likely to be in late summer.


Formal approval was given to the submitted document.



Nothing further to report




Cllr.Whitmarsh advised the meeting that the LVHMC held its Annual Meeting on 2nd April 2007- Tim.Figgins remained Chairman, Cllr Mrs. Sawyer had been appointed Vice Chairman, and he had been appointed Treasurer. There was a new Secretary and Mr.David Sendles had joined the committee.


There was nothing further to report. The Chairman, who had attended the AGM expressed the need . in his view , to increase the membership of the Badminton Club which was currently down to one or two people . This was agreed and noted





Cllr Mrs Sawyer reported that all the allotments were let and the growing season had started with a vengeance. She expressed her concern about the condition of one of the Plots and drew Councillors attention to a Draft e-mail she had circulated and sought approval to send it to the Tenant.The followed a brief supportive discussion about the wording and an agreement  to set a ‘time frame’ of 30 days.The letter was approved and Cllr Mrs Sawyer agreed to send off.



There was nothing to report

Parish News No 323 had been circulated



The Clerk reported that he had now been advised there was likely to be a reduction in the funding available for the development of playgrounds in 2007/2008 and that there was no guarantee that the funding applied for, in spite of assurances given last year, would be available. A decision was to be taken by MBC members as to the allocation of funds in May.

He advised the Parish Council that if the funding did not come forward as serious look needed to be taken at the condition of the equipment on the Playground and money will need to be spent to ensure that it is safe and up to standard. This was noted



Cllr Bridle reported that a Sign Survey was to be carried out by Parishes. This was a detailed survey and was to include photographs etc. It would take some time to complete if it was to be done in the detail requested. It would be discussed at the next TRAMP Meeting and he would report back.


Concern had also been expressed about the problems being experienced with HGV vehicles when their drivers( often Foreign) followed their Sat Navigation Systems which often led them into inappropriate roads/lanes.  It would seem that at this stage very little could be done about this; Commercial Sat Navigation Systems were updated to avoid this problem but were expensive, most HGV’s therefore used the normal Sat Navigation Systems which were much cheaper and adequate for the average car driver but often raised problems for HGV drivers.



The Clerk reported that the response to the LDF had been submitted and acknowledged by the MBC The response was awaited before another meeting would be called.


f) Web site

The Web Master reported that this continued to receive a number of ‘hits’


g) Annual Parish Meeting

The Clerk reported that the Minutes of the meeting had been prepared and printed and outstanding matters had been dealt with.




The Clerk reported that he had received routine Committee Agendas and Minutes from the MBC together with routine Press Releases copies of which were available on request. Relevant documents and copies of correspondence  had been circulated to Councillors as appropriate

Attention was drawn to the following.


MBC  Details of St George’s Day Parade on 22nd April 2007

Gardening for Wildlife Awards Scheme 2007

Civic Parade and Service Sunday 20th May 2007

Mayors Buffet Dance 20th April 2007

Details of the freighter Service

Protection of KCC Highway Trees

KCC  Road Closure details re Tour de France

Inside Track   Funding leaflet

South East Regional Plan   Revised apportionment of primary land-won aggregates.




a) Car Park Security

Dealt with earlier on the Agenda


b) Recycling Facilities

The Clerk drew Councillors attention to his confidential note of the 21st March on this matter and sought views.


There was a general agreement that if possible there should be recycling facilities in the Parish but there was concern about placing Bottle Banks on the Car Park for a number of very practical reasons, not the least security. A practical suggestion was made that the  Landlord of The Bull Inn be approached to see if he/the Brewery would agree to placing the Bottle Banks on the pub car park. There was a general acknowledgement that a suitable site for recycling facilities would be difficult to find in Linton.


Cllr Brindle explained that a Pilot Scheme for the collection of Garden Waste for composting was due to start in the near future. Garden Waste would be collected in green bags or a garden waste bin on probably a two weekly cycle.


c) Electronic Communications with the Borough

The Clerk explained the situation and sought the views of Councillors


The general view expressed was that this was inevitable and there would be some advantages, there were also some disadvantages which needed to be explored.


More information was required as to exactly what was being proposed and who was going to pay for the cost of operating any new scheme. It would be interesting to see the outcome of the joint meeting between the SMPG the KAPC and the MBC on this matter.


It was agreed to keep to the same arrangements as at present and to monitor the situation.




The next meeting of the Linton Parish Council will be held in the Linton Village Hall on Monday 14th May 2007 commencing at 7.30pm.This will be the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council which will be followed at app.8.15 by a normal Parish Council meeting


There being no further business the Chairman thanked all those present for their attendance and closed the meeting at 9.45.