Grand Linton Litter Pick

Keeping Linton Looking Lovely!

The first Grand Linton Litterpick took place on Saturday 29th April. In all a total of seventeen residents took part, and all of the roads south of Heath Road and West of the A229 were cleared of litter, as well as parts of Heath Road and the A229 themselves. Parish Council Chairman Jerry Whitmarsh said “We are really grateful for such a good turnout, it is very encouraging and shows how much residents care about our environment. We will have another litterpick quite soon to clear the roads on the other side of the A229, such as Loddington and Butt Green Lanes.”

The original post announcing the first litterpick has been left in place below, as it gives contact details and an idea of the way the days will run.

If you would like to take part in the next litterpick, which will be around late August or September time, or future ones, please get in touch with Sue Whitmarsh and add your name to the emailing list



Linton is a lovely, rural village and it is such a shame that it is disfigured by all the litter that thoughtless folk carelessly discard in our roads and country lanes.

You may have noticed that Kent Highways have recently been along the main A229 road and have picked a huge amount of litter, and it is looking much cleaner at present. Your Parish Council would like to organise a litter pick, so that our less travelled lanes are equally clean. Please, will you help us?

We are going to have our first event on the morning of Saturday, 29 April 2017. It will cover the lanes West of the A229: Wheeler’s Lane, Barnes Lane, Vanity Lane, Lacey’s Lane, Westerhill, and Bonfleur Lane.

– start at 10am,  from in front of the allotments, in Wheeler’s Lane

– all necessary equipment will be provided

– visit to the Bull Inn afterwards, for a refreshing drink courtesy of Linton PC!

– the Borough Council will collect the litter bags

If you are able to take part, please give your name at any time beforehand to Sue Whitmarsh by email or by phone on 01622 747572. The more volunteers we get, the easier the job becomes and the more clear it will be that we care about our village.

If we get enough volunteers , we will have more events at regular intervals in future.. we are not a huge parish, so once every few months may be all that’s needed – watch this space!