14 May 2007 – Parish Council meeting

Minutes of a Meeting of the LINTON PARISH COUNCIL held at 7.30pm in the Linton Village Hall, Linton on Monday 14th May 2007

Cllr. Mrs.J.Sawyer,J.Bridle I.Firmin and J.Whitmarsh (vice Chairman)
Borough Councillors A.Brindle, B.Mortimer and C.Parr
M.D.Stevens Parish Clerk
There were 2  members of the public in attendance

In the absence of the Chairman the vice Chairman, Cllr Whitmarsh Chaired the meeting.


Apologies were received from Cllr. Mrs Price, Cllr Harrison and Cllr Mrs. P.Stockell.

2. MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 16th April 2007

Attention was drawn to page 03.04.07 of the Minutes under the paragraph headed ‘Comments by the Public’ Councillors were asked to changer “Cllr Bridle” to “Cllr BRINDLE.”

The Allotment Manager had drawn attention to page 06.04.07 Allotment Gardens, line 3 in which a draft letter is referred to circulated by e-mail. She wished to make it clear that the letter was NOT e-mailed to Miss Bliss.

With the above alteration and comment the Minutes of the meeting held on 16th April 2007 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

a) Police Report

The Clerk reported he had not been sent any details of reported crimes in Linton since the last meeting. He was aware that PC Shaw was on a course and not therefore available. If necessary, contact should be made with Sgt.Hayes on 07980770482 or 01622604392

Cllr Whitmarsh drew attention to a report in the local “Downs Mail” which stated that there had been the theft of a Lawnmower from Linton Park Cricket Club and damage to a property on Heath Road. This was noted.


b) Neighbourhood Watch

Cllr Whitmarsh reported that he was still seeking a co-ordinator for the scheme. He was preparing a document for publication on the Parish Notice Board identifying reported incidents etc over the last month.

The keys for the Notice Board had now been collected.
c) Car Park

The Clerk reported that the vandalism on the Car park had continued; he had discussed the matter with the MBC Car Park Manager, who could do very little to help He suggested the involvement of the PCSO when available, and acceleration of the installation of the new CCTV System

He had also discussed the possibility of the introduction of a sleeping policeman across the far end of the Car Park. This was seen by the Car Park Manager not to be practical and there was no funding available to introduce one.

Cllr Firmin advised the meeting that he had spoken to Mr& Mrs Cooper about the problems of reporting incidents. Residents of the Alms Houses would in future be asked to contact the Coopers if there was a problem ; in turn they had agreed to contact Cllr.Firmin who would ring the Police. The vice-Chairman thanked Cllr Firmin for his help.

d) Police Pack

This had not yet been received

e) Recycling.

The PC was advised that an approach had been made to the Landlord of The Bull Inn re the possibility of placing a Bottle Bank on his Car Park. He was considering the possibility.

It was reaffirmed that at the present time, in view of the current vandalism etc., placing a Bottle Bank on the Linton Car Park was not desirable

*All other Matters Arising would be dealt with under relevant Agenda Items


The Clerk reported that Cllrs.Mrs Sawyer, I,Firmin and J,Whitmarsh had been granted dispensation in relation to their ongoing interest in the Allotment Gardens in Wheelers Lane.


Cllr.Whitmarsh reported that further approaches had been made to Cllr Ferrin though as yet no progress had been made. He had received an indication from Peter Rosevear that investigations were taking place, and a response was awaited

The Clerk reported that he and Cllr Firmin had met the new Liaison Officer for Kent Highways

Ms Kate Harlock and had discussed, amongst other matters, the Double Yellow Lines at Wheelers Lane and Vanity Lane. The responsibility for these, which must be painted

alongside a kerb, was that of the MBC. She agreed to take up the points raised with the MBC. The gullies on the A229 had been cleared and were on an annual clearance schedule. It was pointed out that this was not sufficient. This was noted. The HGV Sign at the top of Vanity Lane                                                               

were discussed and consideration was to be given to enlarging their size.

COXHEATH Traffic Calming

The Clerk reported that the Chairman had written to the Chairman of the Coxheath PC expressing  serious concerns about the Traffic Calming measures being introduced along Heath Road. A response had not yet been received but it was known from the Coxheath Clerk to the PC that many concerns/complaints had been expressed and a reply would be sent I due course.

Cllr Mortimer confirmed the above and indicated that a meeting had been held with the Highways Dept. to discuss some modifications in the light of the many points raised. The work would however be completed in the near future, on completion its effectiveness would be carefully monitored and if necessary any adjustments made.


Cllr Whitmarsh reported that the Training Morning had been very successful, some 14 people in attendance. Dr. Coutts was putting together a rota of those who were available in order to get the Scheme running. The equipment would in the first instance be hired from Staplehurst PC.

He was however concerned that PC Jeeves had questioned the legality of the 30mph signage on the A229 . This matter had already been raise with Cllr Ferrin and it was hoped to get the correct signs installed. The 40mph Zone was fine and a start could therefore be made.


The Chairman formally adjourned the Parish Council Meeting to hear comments from the public

Mr.Sawyer stressed the need to “keep on the pressure” over the Coxheath Traffic calming. All the evidence so far seems to point to major problems in the future.

Cllr Brindle supporting the many concerns expressed about Heath Road; drew Councillors attention to the Mayors Parade and Church Service; and indicated that there had been over 400 responses to the LDF Consultation which were now being processed. A response to the consultation was expected later in the year.

There being no further comments from the public the Chairman resumed the Parish Council meeting                                             

Opening Balance                                              £11772.94
16.04.07       KAPC Subscription                             234.99
03.05.07       Refreshments AGM                             24.60
                   Mid.Kent Water                                   15.60
                   KPS (Printing)                                     56.40
08.05.07      Chippings (Strimming)                         92.50
                   KPS                                                    14.81
14.05.07      Insurance                                         533.70
BALANCE CARRIED FORWARD                       £10800.34
BUDGET 2007/2008

The Clerk reported that he had re circulated the Budget Papers showing the latest figures.

These were approved.

The Clerk reported that the Annual Accounts were with the Auditor and would be available for approval at the June meeting of the Parish Council  


The necessary papers to claim the above had been completed .There was nothing further to report. The voice-Chairman signed the “End of Year Certificate”. for onward transmission to the MBC.


It was agreed that the Annual Allocation for Donations should be £300

The following Donations were agreed. :: Kent County Playing Fields Assn   £15     Kenward Trust                           £30    

The vice-Chairman invited members of the PC to put forward suggestions for charitable donations. Please advise the Clerk.


Details of the Parish Council Insurance Policy had been circulated at the last meeting. The Clerk reported that he had taken advice from KAPC re other Brokers and discovered that AON underwrote Allianz Cornhill and others on Parish Insurance Policies. He had sought other quotes without much success … the indications were from his investigations that the figure quoted of £533.70 for the cover offered would be difficult to beat.

It was agreed to continue with Allianz Cornhill for this next year pending further investigations.

It was agreed that the Clerk should approach the KAPC to see if any information was available County Wide as to who Parish Councils went to for their insurance. If it was clear that the majority were going to the same company then there would be a good reason for a discussion with that Company re the cost of the cover offered.



Cllr. Firmin left the meeting at this point

Full Planning Permission
Well Dishes Oast
RedwaLL Lane,
Erection of private garage
This Application had now been APPROVED


In the absence of the Chairman there was nothing to report.

The Chairman invited Cllr. Firmin to rejoin the meeting.

Three Chimneys,
Wheelers Lane,
Erection of a two bay garage with store/utility

The majority view was that this application should be APPROVED in principle. There were however major reservations about the size of the proposed building although the design was acceptable. Concern was also expressed about the congestion re parking outside the property and the increase in the problem due to a reduction of the parking area within the boundaries of the property.

MBC to be advised accordingly
1,Cornwallis Avenue,
Erection of a single detached garage.
Currently on circulation
Vanity Lane,

Demolition of existing garage and utility room and erection of two storey side extension

Currently on circulation

Cleared site on Heath Road.

The Clerk reported that an informative note had been circulated to Councillors. He would monitor the situation and advise on any changes

There was nothing further to report
Nothing further to report


Nothing further to report

There was nothing to report


Cllr Mrs sawyer advised the PC that a letter had been sent to the tenant of Plot 4 as agreed and there had been appositive response in that further work had been carried out and some of the grass rotovated.. The situation would be monitored over the next few weeks.

It was agreed that the Tenant of Plot7 should be allowed to erect a small shed. A successful “plant/seed exchange” had been held and generally the Plots were all in good shape.

There was come concern that rabbits had been seen in the area and action needed to be taken to check the rabbit fence. If necessary additional wire fencing should be purchased.

There was nothing to report
Parish News No 324 had been circulated


The Clerk reported that the Annual Inspection Report was over due and asked for authority to get it organised. This was agreed

He reminded Councillors about his recent note on the Playground in which he indicated that any improvement grant was most unlikely and indicated that he was proposing to speak to the MBC Grants Officer. Certain maintenance work need to be undertaken. This was agreed.


Cllr Bridle reported that information was being sought from other parts of the country on schemes which identified “Lorry Routes” etc. This was being undertaken in conjunction with Kent Highways


The Clerk stated that there was nothing to report
f) Web site

The Web Master reported that this continued to receive a number of ‘hits’


The Clerk reported that he had received routine Committee Agendas and Minutes from the MBC together with routine Press Releases copies of which were available on request. Relevant documents and copies of correspondence had been circulated to Councillors as appropriate

Attention was drawn to the following.

MBC  Request for information on Parish Council Funds     * Agreed

         Environmental Enforcement Information Leaflets

         Scrutiny   Suggestions for reviews *circulated

         Maidstone Local Board meeting   *circulated

KCC   Inside Track   Issue 96


Cllr Whitmarsh reported that a successful, albeit wet, Parish Boundary Walk had taken place during which they had identified some 50% of the Boundary Markers.

He sought the view of the Parish Council on the setting up of a “Linton Parish Boundary Marker Project” with a view to establishing the number of markers , (which would require some field work) and the possibility of restoration work on those found. Replacing missing Boundary Markers at this stage was not on the agenda. He anticipated that some modest funding would be required.

The establishment of such a project was agreed  and Cllr Whitmarsh was asked to process and report to the next PC meeting


The next meeting of the Linton Parish Council will be held in the Linton Village Hall on Monday 25th June 2007 commencing at 7.30pm

There being no further business the Chairman thanked all those present for their attendance and closed the meeting at 9.40pm