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Grand Linton Litter Pick 29 April.. more details here!

See update below..

Major new development in Linton …

Update 25 February 2017: A planning application has been submitted for a large extension to the Wares Farm industrial site in Redwall Lane, Linton and on the Maidstone BC website the details are available here.. also Please see this article for more details and updates.

Linton Parish Council have undertaken a review and site meeting and following a discussion at our meeting on 6 February we voted to strongly object to the proposals. We have now responded to the application, and our letter is available here. We have significant concerns about a number of issues such as the loss of countryside, the increase in traffic movements, the potential for further expansion in the future, and the impact on the views which are such a feature of our area. Overall we consider that Linton is a rural parish which is not the right location for an industrial development of this size.

All residents are strongly encouraged to form their own view of this development and to express it to MBC. This can be done either in writing, via email, or via the Planning portal link above. The closing date for consultation is past but we have been assured that all comments will still be taken into consideration.



Linton has a new website!

We will be adding new stuff, hopefully on a regular basis as we used to do. Let us know if you want something added, see something that is out of date or wrong, or a link that’s not working as it should

Would you like to help run this site?

We are looking for Linton residents who can help to update the site – editors, if you like. Extensive computer experience is not necessary, so long as you are reasonably comfortable using a PC and (for example) basic spreadsheets. Contact Jerry Whitmarsh

Have you nice photographs of Linton?

we are looking for good photos of Linton that show off the village, or one bit of it, for the beautiful place it is. If you have one, send it to the webmaster and we will consider it for addition to this site. We are interested in recent photos but also in historic ones.. when we have enough we might add a “Historic Linton” section!


A message from the PC Chairman:

To all Linton residents, and other interested parties:

As you may be aware, planning applications have now been submitted in respect of a development of 13 houses in Vicarage Field, and the provision of a parking space at the rear of the Village Hall. At my request, Alan Firmin Ltd arranged a drop-in event at the village hall to provide details of what is proposed.. this was scheduled for 18 July from 4pm to 8pm.  If you weren’t able to attend, details of all the documentation submitted is available here: planning documents – the planning reference is 16/505401/FULL. The application in respect of the Village Hall car park is available here. As you may also know, I have never been enthusiastic about housing development in Linton of any kind. However this proposal is at the least more attractive than its predecessors, in several ways. It is also noticeable that of what little recent building there has been – the New House in Wheelers lane, Redwall Barn, and Rose Court in Vanity Lane – all of these are occupied by folk who contribute more than their share to the community life of the village. So the decision is definitely not a one-sided one – and you should beware of any who think that it is.

Bearing all these things in mind, the Parish Council voted by a majority of 5 to 1 not to object to the application. However we did voice a number of concerns. We will keep an eye on developments and we are still happy to hear constructive comments of any kind.  Feel free to (politely!) contact me by email

Kind regards

Jerry Whitmarsh

Chairman, Linton Parish Council




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Linton is situated in the countryside, about three miles south of Maidstone on the Greensand Ridge.

 We enjoy panoramic views out across the Weald of Kent and into Sussex…

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