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New Building proposal in Linton!  Go to the Medical Centre exhibition on 24 November 2017

more details here

Linton’s New Defibrillator! Come to our demonstration on Monday 27 November 2017 – more details here

Learn To Draw! More details here..

Linton Church Coffee Mornings!  more details

Linton Yuletiders! Are you over 65? If so click here!


See final update below..

Major new development in Linton …

Please see this article for more details. Summary:

Update 14 July 2017

MBC Planning Committee has approved the application for the industrial site at Redwall Lane.

This decision cannot be appealed. Linton Parish Council does not feel that a judicial review is practical as it does not have sufficient financial resources to mount a court challenge.

The minutes of the Committee Meeting, together with a webcast of the discussion, can be accessed here.

Linton Parish Council believes that our village and the amenity of our residents will be permanently and adversely affected by this development.

October 2017: work has already begun. you may recognise some of those celebrating the beginning of construction..

Update 4 July 2017: The Urgent Update to members of the MBC Planning Committee has now been compiled and delivered. A copy of what we have written is available here.


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We are looking for Linton residents who can help to update the site – editors, if you like. Extensive computer experience is not necessary, so long as you are reasonably comfortable using a PC and (for example) basic spreadsheets. Contact Jerry Whitmarsh

Have you nice photographs of Linton?

we are looking for good photos of Linton that show off the village, or one bit of it, for the beautiful place it is. If you have one, send it to the webmaster and we will consider it for addition to this site. We are interested in recent photos but also in historic ones.. when we have enough we might add a “Historic Linton” section!

Please let us have your news about the village so it can be included on the website pages.  Information can be submitted to the webmaster via the “contact us” button on the left, above.

Linton is situated in the countryside, about three miles south of Maidstone on the Greensand Ridge.

 We enjoy panoramic views out across the Weald of Kent and into Sussex…

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